Eco-Friendly Water coolers and water filters


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Ecofriendly water dispenser and water filter

Drinking clean pure water, without pollution

Drinking purified water is 1000 times more environmentally friendly than bottled water, and yet most of the tests show that the purified tap water is equivalent or better for your health than bottled water.


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A source of pure water is essential for your health

Our water coolers and water filters provide quality for your well-being

Water coolers and water filters Iceberg allow you to drink purified water ad libitum. Water quality certified source of dynamism, energy and well-being to hydrate your body and energize your day.


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Eco-Friendly Water cooler for your Office

Reconcile ecology and performance

With a water dispenser Iceberg, even drinking at will, you save 50 to 80% compared to traditional bottles.

€ 0.19 PER LITRE

Alkaline Ionized Water

A Bio Water Bottle to replace all Bottles

Drink more Drink Smarter Pollute less

Stop the waste! Billions of plastic water bottles are not recycled thrown into the wild each year! The filter canisters BioPure recharge easily with filters that last 2000 liters or less 2000 bottles each year.


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High-tech water filters

the best science for your well-being

Our water filters reverse osmosis UV technology ceramics can remove contaminants such as chlorine, lead, nitrates, viruses, and provide balanced water.


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Save Up to 90% on your water expenses

Green drink is a healthy source of savings

ICEBERG allows you to make substantial savings on your water cooler, water filter or softener with competitive prices and rental and maintenance

Certified Quality

We comply with the international standards and best practices


You save up to 80% savings on your budget

Custom Service

Contact our VIP service to get personalized advice

After Sales Service

You get support available assistance and a 7/7


Our offerings are designed to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint

Satisfaction Guarantee

You get a money back guarantee 30 days




How it Works

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Why Iceberg?

Iceberg experts help you answer the following questions:

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Pick Iceberg? It's Natural

Our experts are here to provide businesses and individuals the best turnkey solutions for water treatment environment. Whether water dispensers for businesses, bottle water filter or water filter

, IcebergFilters is your partner, with over 15 years of experience.

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Our experts are here to assist. Whether you advice, tailored solutions for water analysis, drinking water quality, anti limestone, installation, special manufacturing techniques for purifying water, pure water, diagnosis, study environment, ADEME, water agency

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